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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mike + Kara | Wedding Photos

Wedding season officially "kicked off" last weekend for me with Mike and Kara's beautiful event! It was fun to see them again, especially since they were the last photo session I had before maternity leave and the first wedding I had after getting out and shooting again. These guys are a fantastic pair and it's exciting to see how the Lord brought the two of them together, and it will be exciting to see them continue their journey as a married couple.

Mike and Kara - thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of your day!

 *The image above on the right was taken by my fabulous second shooter, Emily.

 *The sequence of images above were taken by Emily.

 *The image above on the left was taken by Emily.

 *The image above on the left was taken by Emily.

 *The image above on the right was taken by Emily.

S & J | Minneapolis Family Photography

Check out these two adorable kiddos! It was a great day for photos and I was so excited to get to shoot these two...and you'll see why when you take a peek and realize how photogenic they are! They were both a delight by listening to direction and giving me easy smiles and hilarious looks. Thanks to Rachel and Josh for allowing me the honor!

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